Hi, I'm Victoria and I paint/design shoes. The prices of each pair fluctuate depending on what you want on the shoes, and on what type of sneaker you want it on. If you are interested, please contact me at
Thank you <3 </br>
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Haaayyy ;)

So. I’ve been looking for shoes everywhere, with no luck except the internet. And I’m not going to spend a butt load for a pair unless someone orders a pair. So my work is currently on pause(although I have so many new ideas that I’m ready to explodeeee). DISCLAIMER; this does not mean that I cannot make orders to buy. Those I can still do (:

BUT since most of you are here because of All Time Low and my All Time Low shoes, I wanted to show you guys a shirt I’m going to be making and you tell me if you like it or not. Sound Good? (:


Now this is the boring, plain, undecorated version of it, sketched on paper(thank you captain obvious). Very generic. My thing is, I don’t know if I like it or not to make a shirt out of it. So, I need some advice (: Yes or no?