Hi, I'm Victoria and I paint/design shoes. The prices of each pair fluctuate depending on what you want on the shoes, and on what type of sneaker you want it on. If you are interested, please contact me at
Thank you <3 </br>
Frequently Asked Questions.

All Time Low.

What is this, take three? This is yet another take of my original All Time Lows, only done on slip ons. Custom order.

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Would anyone be interested in buying these shoes once I finished and painted them?
Oh and they say &#8220;Not all who wander are lost&#8221;
Any takers?

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Would anyone be interested in buying these shoes once I finished and painted them?

Oh and they say “Not all who wander are lost”

Any takers?

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Custom; The Devil Wears Prada/Counterparts

These are a custom pair for a good friend of mine, based on the album artwork of Plagues and The Current Will Carry Us. Along with some lyrics that he requested.

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A Day To Remember.

When I got the order for these, I was extremely excited. Because in case you guys haven’t noticed…I love doing band shoes ;) But I must admit, I don’t know the band too much, so I was also incredibly nervous. But overall, I’m pretty happy with them. Adtr fans, let me know if I did them justice! 

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I made yet another pair of All Time Low shoes. Same overall design, they’re just slightly different. Just posting up a few pictures since you guys have the idea already :p

In case you didn’t know, the original pair I made can be found here!


I have no idea what to call these. I was given a few items to incorporate and a certain color scheme, and just ran with it. These are very different from the rest of the shoes I’m used to doing because this time, more than half of the designs were ones I incorporated from other artists. There is an overwhelming amount of Brandon Boyd(well, his tattoos at least), along with some Charlavail.

According to google, the text in red means “When the heart and the mind become one, anything is possible”. Not much else to say… I went out on a limb with these. Hope you enjoy them!


Shout out to all the hipsterssss (: Not much to say…a lot of spray paint, sponging, and random stabbing with a needle dipped in paint. Enjoyyy

ANOTHER Custom…?

I know, I gotta change the name of this pair. I just haven’t thought of anything/gotten around to it yet :p Anyway, these are yet another variation of this pair and well, technically, this pair too. If these two variation pairs aren’t proof that I will literally do whatever it is that you want on the shoes, then I don’t know what is. Enjoy (:

Viva Mario!

Simply put, two words; Super Mario.

Enjoy (:


These are another custom pair. A lovely little friend of mine from the camp I worked at, asked for some of the designs seen on the Miami shoes, and then ocean, summer-y things to fill the other two sides, and thats exactly what I did. 

Custom Waves.

This is a spin-off of my other pair with waves, only with custom color requests. Not much else to say about them :P My customers have been spoiling me…the last two or three pairs I’ve done have been on real Vans as opposed to knock offs like I usually do(cheaper), but nothing compares to drawing/painting on Vans. Its so fast and easy, its like painting on paper, not canvas. Forever in love <3